What about owning a sailing yacht or a motorboat on the Italian Riviera, earning money on it? You will be able to use it when you want and the rest of the time you don’t have to bother. Our charter management program controls and takes care of your yacht 365 days a year!

Examples of two interesting management programs:

  1. Buy the yacht on your own, we charter it and manage everything around it.
  2. Get your new yacht by paying it only a down payment, we pay the rest by monthly leasing rates. The yacht becomes 100% yours after 7 years, at completed leasing.

Some profits you will have from our management program:

  • Your yacht will be part of My Sailing Week’s well reputated charter fleet.
  • Your yacht will be constantly monitored and maintained, all year round.
  • Your yacht will be moored in one of the the most modern marinas of Liguria, Porto Mirabello, in the city center of La Spezia. Just around the corner to Cinque Terre.
  • Your yacht will be accurately cleaned and maintained according to our severe maintenance program.
  • We will take care of promoting and renting your yacht.
  • Your yacht will be available for direct booking to privates and hundreds of yacht charter agencies worldwide.
  • Your yacht will generate an income for you. How big the income is depends on the management program that you choose and how many owner weeks you want.

If you are interested in a charter management program call us on +39.0187.730338, send us an email to or use the form on the  contact page.


What’s my percentage on the rentals if I charter my boat through My Sailing Week?
That depends on factors like how many owner weeks you want and in what period of the year you want to use the boat. Based on your preferences we will together discuss the best possible charter management program for you.

How will my boat look after a season of charter with My Sailing Week?
Our check-in is very detailed and takes about 1,5 hours. This is to make sure that every client knows how everything on board works and where things are. Your boat is always given perfectly clean and in order which makes the charterer more happy to keep the boat that way. These are some of the reasons why My Sailing Week yachts keep looking great year after year.

Can I choose boat brand and kind of boat as I like?
Yes, we are not bound to a specific shipyard so you can choose any boat of any type (sailing yacht, power yacht, catamaran etc). However all boats might not be suitable for charter, and some boat types might not suit a certain charter area. We are here to guide you and our goal is to deliver good results for your charter management program.

I’m interested and I would like to buy a new boat. Do you help me with the negotiation?
If you have signed the preliminary contract for a charter management program we will help you in the dealing process with the shipyard. This to make sure you are buying your boat at the right price.