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Winter Sail Package

Buy a Winter Sail Package of 3, 5 or 10 charters and get an amazing discount of 30% (3 charters), 40% (5 charters) or 50% (10 charters). Your package is valid for 2 years, to be used between November 1 and March 31.

We remind you that our yachts have Webasto cabin heating, for a pleasant stay on board also in the winter!

Each package is activated by the pre payment of 300 euros moltiplicated by the number of charters in the package. This down payment will then be deducted for each booking made (see example below). The discount is applied to our list prices, extras and final cleaning excluded.

With a Winter Sail Package we also give you a weather guarantee. In case of bad weather you can cancel your weekend booking without any penalty fee. The weather guarantee is valid with an official weather alert (whatever grade on the 3 grade scale) for at least one day of the booked period. Booking must be canceled 72-24 hours prior to scheduled check-in.

Here is a practical example of buying and using a Winter Sail Package


I buy the package of 5 charters, paying € 1500 (5 x €300). This gives me the right to 40% discount on all bookings (extras and final cleaning excluded).

1) I book a weekend in November, list price € 1600. Balance payment € 660 (1600×0,6-300)

2) I book a long weekend of 4 nights, list price € 2240. Balance payment € 1044 (2240×0,6-300)

3) I book the New Year’s period of 3 nights, list price € 1920. Balance payment € 852 (1920×0,6-300)

4) I book a day charter in January, list price € 800. Balance payment € 180 (800×0,6-300)

5) I book a week in March, list price € 3200. Balance payment € 1620 (3200×0,6-300)




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