Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera and French Riviera

The Ligurian coast, also called the Italian Riviera, is the ideal sailing destination from La Spezia. Sailing in Liguria is loved by sailors from all over the world. The coast offers crystal clear waters, picturesque fishing villages, exotic nature bays and hidden beaches. Many of these places are only reachable by boat.

The coastline starts with the villages of Cinque Terre, which is a UNESCO Marine Heritage. Sailing further north you will reach the adorable towns Sestri LevanteRapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and world famous Portofino

Sailing further west you can reach San Remo, the Principality of Monaco and the French Riviera “Côte d’Azur”.

Sailing on the Italian Riviera is recommended for one week charters.
Sailing on the French riviera is recommended for two week charters.


Another interesting sailing destination is the beautiful island of Corsica – only 70 nautical miles away from La Spezia. Sailing away from La Spezia in the evening you will be at the northern tip of Corsica early next morning!

The most interesting part of Corsica is the western coastline which offers a stunning nature and crystal clear water. Here you can sail between grottos, impressive rock formations and wide stretched beaches.

Interesting places to sail to on the north western part are Centuri, Saint Florent, Calvì and Girolata. The latter is situated in the middle of the breathtaking nature reserve of Scandola.

Going further south the coast offers many beautiful nature bays between Propriano and Bonifacio.

Sailing in Corsica is recommended for one or two week charters.

Tuscan Archipelago

La Spezia is situated on the border to Tuscany. The northern part of Tuscany’s coast is characterized by wide streched beaches and famous coast towns like Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio. 

The nearest sailing destination from La Spezia in the Tuscan archipelago is Gorgona. This tiny island is situated only 40 nautical miles south of La Spezia. Another 20 nautical miles further south you will reach the island of Capraia. This is a popular sailing destination from La Spezia – go ashore and explore the village.

Next stop is the island of Elba, a great sailing destination with a lot of beautiful bays to anchor up in and several cute villages around the coast.

Generally, in a one week charter we suggest sailing around the islands of Elba, Gorgona and Capraia. If you rent the boat for two weeks it’s a good idea to include also the island of Giglio.

The Tuscan archipelago is recommended for one or two week charters.

Northern Sardinia

The island of Sardinia is an option if you want to extend your Corsica sail by another week or two. We suggest that you spend at least the first 4-5 days of sailing down the beautiful western coast of Corsica.

In Sardinia you can explore the Arcipelago of Maddalena on the north eastern tip of the island, which offers good sailing and beautiful beaches. In high season the bays of Sardinia are often very crowded by boats and it can be difficult to find a berth in harbor. A good idea if you want to dock in harbor is to check the possibility of pre booking a berth. 

One of the popular sailing destinations here is Bonifacio on Corsica’s southern tip. However the harbor of Bonifacio is extremely busy in high season and to get a place it could be a good idea to try to book a berth in advance or to arrive in the morning or early in the afternoon.

Sailing in northern Sardinia is recommended for 2 or 3 week charters.